Workshop: Python Masterclass

This workshop will cover the skills required for AS 91637 "Develop a complex computer program for a specified task", also known as the Level 3 Programming Standard.

To attend this course the student must have completed the level 2 programming standard and passed with a Merit or Excellence, or have special permission from their teacher to attend.

Attending this workshop does not guarantee the student will achieve the standard.

This workshop will use Python 3 and will cover:

  • modular structure using classes
  • code commenting
  • naming conventions
  • graphical user interfaces
  • graphical components
  • events and event handling
  • recording evidence of learning

Prerequisite knowledge:

  • variables and constants
  • data types
  • type casting/conversion
  • capturing user input
  • software testing and debugging
  • boundary and invalid test cases
  • functions
  • parameters
  • indexed data structures (lists/arrays)
  • iteration (loops)
  • conditionals (if/else)

Not sure if you're ready for this workshop?

If you can complete the Codecademy Python course up to and including the "Exam Statistics" section then you will be ready for the workshop.

If you can complete the whole Codecademy Python course then you should find the workshop much more straightforward than others who have only done the NCEA Level 2 equivalent.

We will be using Python 3 for the workshop, while Codecademy uses Python 2.7. There are some differences but for the most part the concepts are the same.

Learn Python on Codecademy

About this module

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Tanya Gray

Tanya is the lead presenter on the Gather Workshops team, and she’s on a mission to increase the uptake of programming in secondary schools. With a professional background in web development, she is now applying her real-world experience to classroom learning and bridging the gap between schools and industry.

Hayley van Waas

Since discovering her passion for programming only a few years ago, Hayley’s goal has been to expose as many high school students to computer science as possible. As Gather’s newest recruit, she is already enjoying mentoring and presenting workshops as she has particular interest in Python.

“I feel I would like to learn more about the tech industry and might consider getting a job in the tech industry.”

Student, Mount Roskill Grammar, Auckland