L3 Digital Media: Web Development

AS91635 Implement complex procedures to produce a specified digital media outcome

This workshop for teachers will run from 10am to 5pm and will be a practical introduction to one possible context for delivering this achievement standard.

The digital media outcome will be a multi-page website which integrates photographic content. The primary form of media will be “web languages” and the complex techniques covered will be “static site generation”, “dynamic data handling” and “multiple device outputs”.

For assessment purposes a student’s final outcome must incorporate original content. The production of original photographic content will not be covered in this workshop.

Techniques covered:
– Static site generation
– Page templates
– Static data
– Responsive design
– Dynamic data
– Optimisation
– Complex layouts

Tools used:
– Jekyll static site generator
– Command line
– HTML and CSS
– Chrome dev tools
– jQuery
– Flickr API

“The very good thing was that Tanya is talking from experience and we as teachers lacked that point of view.”

Teacher, Mount Roskill Grammar School, Auckland