Building with Python

A great option for beginners with little or no prior programming experience, Building with Python offers a broad taster of the language, while providing a solid basis for more advanced programming.

There is a focus on good programming practices and real-world tools, which are explored through using the Python language to produce a simple game.

Attendees leave the workshop at the end of the day with a simple text-based game of their own creation.

Note: This module is subject to change as it is currently under review. It’ll only get better, we promise!

What’s Covered

The Power of Python

Learn a bit about what Python is, what it is used for in the real world, and what we can gain from learning it. We talk about what we will be covering during the workshop, and where those skills could take you in the future if you continue to practice Python programming.

Language Basics

We play with some code snippets to gain an understanding of the language, and to practice some of the skills we will use later in the day. Basic mathematics, strings, variables and loops.

Hello World

Create our first Python program from scratch, and get it to interact with us. We use this program to explore the concept of functions, user input and user output.

Game On

We begin building our game on top of our Hello World program, creating a game loop which alternatively prints output and asks the user for input.


Our game needs a plot and some excitement. We explore the use of classes as a way to manage complex information, and how to create and modify class instances.


  • Familiarity with copying, renaming and moving files
  • A Mac or Windows computer with internet access
  • Python 3 pre-installed (from
  • Excitement about learning to code!

“The very good thing was that Tanya is talking from experience and we as teachers lacked that point of view.”

Teacher, Mount Roskill Grammar School, Auckland