Building with jQuery

For people with little or no previous experience with JavaScript, but confidence in HTML and CSS, this workshop introduces attendees to what’s possible with jQuery: from hand-coding using jQuery’s convenient collection of functions, to using complex plugins written by other jQuery developers.

As the most popular JavaScript library used online, jQuery offers a way for web developers to easily add interactivity to their websites. There is a focus on industry-quality code and tips about how to identify ‘good’ code from ‘bad’ code when working with JavaScript.

Attendees leave the workshop at the end of the day with their work published online as a live website.

What to expect

JavaScript and jQuery

What is the difference, and which do I use? What are they for? Learn the key concepts behind how JavaScript works, when you should use it and what jQuery can offer.

Custom interactivity using jQuery

Write some jQuery by hand to add interactivity to your web page. Learn where to put your code, how to apply it to your page and some of the most commonly used jQuery functionality.

jQuery plugins

Add flair to your web page with a selection of useful jQuery plugins. Learn how to use pre-written slideshow, sticky menu, and popup plugins.


  • Confidence with writing HTML and CSS
  • Familiarity with copying, renaming and moving files
  • A Mac or Windows computer with Internet access
  • Admin rights to install new applications
  • Excitement about learning jQuery!

“It was cool because we got to learn about making websites and the mentors were just awesome. It was complicated at first but then I got the hang of it and managed to catch up.”

Student, Tamaki College, Auckland