Volunteering your time is one of the easiest and most rewarding ways to support Gather Workshops. Volunteers can contribute by becoming mentors at our students workshops, helping us to develop course materials, or even just passing along information about us to schools, teachers or industry peers.


A single day of your time is all we ask! A mentor’s role is to support students during a workshop, answering their questions and helping with any technical problems they may come across. We try to keep a ratio of about one mentor to five students for our workshops, so it’s a great chance to get to know some keen young learners.

Joining our volunteers mailing list will allow us to contact you when we are looking for mentors for upcoming workshops. Joining the list is totally commitment-free, and it’s the best way to keep up with opportunities as they become available.

We encourage our volunteers to talk to their employer about supporting ‘paid leave for social good’. Giving employees time to come and help us out is an invaluable type of support for us, and we invite our volunteers to wear business-branded t-shirts for the photos on the day and tweet about their experience.

Content Development

Our workshop modules are under continuous development, and all our material is open source. We already offer modules on a range of subjects, and we are always looking for more ideas. If you think you’d like to help with writing or reviewing content, or have an idea for a new module, let us know!

Our workshop materials include slideshow presentations, project ideas, supporting documentation and aggregation of relevant resources from anywhere online. You can check out our existing materials on Github.

We aim to keep all of our workshop material as up-to-date and industry-relevant as possible, so feedback is always welcome.


Know a school or teacher who may be interested in our workshops? Send them to our website! Know a company who you think would make a great sponsor? Pass them a copy of our sponsorship proposal.

We rely on our community and word of mouth for promotion. Even telling one person about what we do would be a fantastic help to us. Tweet something nice, post about us on Facebook or just mention us in friendly conversation — every little bit helps!

“It was fun and I learnt a lot of new skills that could help me in the future.”

Student, Westlake Girls High School, Auckland