Gather Workshops exist on the backs of volunteers, professionals, companies, schools and universities around the country. We are thankful for their help and support but someone has to keep the gears moving.

Su Yin Khoo

Chief of Operations

Su Yin is in charge of keeping Workshops humming along and running the Gather Conference design department.

Tanya Gray

Coordinator & Presenter

Tanya is the lead presenter on the Gather Workshops team, and she’s on a mission to increase the uptake of programming in secondary schools. With a professional background in web development, she is now applying her real-world experience to classroom learning and bridging the gap between schools and industry.

Novia Ng


Novia has been part of the Gather team from the beginning. She was Barcamp volunteer-in-chief until she shifted focus to AIESEC while at University. She is now the liaison for Gather Workshops. Armed with her learnings and connections from AIESEC, Novia will be making sure everything runs like a well-oiled machine.

“It was fun and I learnt a lot of new skills that could help me in the future.”

Student, Westlake Girls High School, Auckland