Gather Workshops for Schools are funded entirely through sponsorship and grants. We are hoping to raise at least $30,000 in sponsorship to run 14 workshops in 2014. This will enable our team to target over 220 students directly.

The majority of our budget will go towards running workshops throughout the country. We have a particular desire to run the workshops outside of main centres so that students from smaller towns also get a chance to develop their skills. We will be scaling the workshops so that they become more cost-effective to run, as well as developing new workshops this year.

What we can offer sponsors

Sponsors of Workshops for Schools will have the chance to:

  • ŸPromote the recruiting and training of talented IT professionals
  • ŸExpose sponsors’ brand to students who are entering the tech industry
  • ŸDevelop employees’ public speaking and presentation skills
  • ŸIdentify potential summer interns and future employees who represent diverse cultures and communities
  • ŸConnect to a program that identifies high school students who are interested in IT
  • ŸIncrease your goodwill through giving back to the wider community
  • ŸMentor students in an academic setting that encourages both professional skills and critical thinking
  • ŸSpread your brand awareness out of main centres
  • Get a custom report card of the impact you made on the workshops you sponsored

We are also open to working with sponsors to develop other sponsorship ideas, as well as discussing the possibility of sponsors being involved in the development of new workshops.

Interested in helping keep the talent pipeline alive?

Download our sponsorship proposal for a more detailed outline.

We’d also love to hear from you personally. Please contact:

“It was fun and I learnt a lot of new skills that could help me in the future.”

Student, Westlake Girls High School, Auckland