At Gather we believe that the best way to grow our professional community is to inspire, model and instil qualities of life-long learning in the members of our community.

We believe that this should start at school, so we can start to break stereotypes about what type of person becomes a creative IT professional.

We are for students, teachers, and the industry. All of our modules are suitable for anyone.

We exist to support the web makers in New Zealand by encouraging them to:

  • flex their teaching skills and gain confidence with their public speaking skills
  • inspire young New Zealanders to choose a career in IT, and support them in achieving that goal.

We believe that our pipeline approach will be extremely beneficial to the New Zealand web industry as it provides a trusted name in the space for young people to attach to and associate with.

Our coordinators, presenters and volunteers all want to help raise the next generation of web developers, programmers and coders and to ultimately help transform New Zealand into the tech hub of the South Pacific.

How you can be involved

There are three easy ways you can help support our goals:


“The very good thing was that Tanya is talking from experience and we as teachers lacked that point of view.”

Teacher, Mount Roskill Grammar School, Auckland