Gather has three main objectives

  1. Encourage people to choose a career on the web
  2. Help makers* to start teaching
  3. Encourage makers to keep learning

* Makers include designers, developers, project managers, engineers, architects, writers, illustrators, photographers … you get the picture!

Every Gather venture has to satisfy one or more of the above statements.

Gather Conference encourages makers to teach and share what they know, learn from each other and otherwise build a professional network increasing their likelihood of starting or maintaining a career on the web.

Gather Workshops encourages makers to flex their teaching skills, gain public speaking skills, build confidence and hone their message. Those attending are learning new skills or getting better at something they already do. Gather Workshops also go into schools, equipping students and teachers with valuable skills while demonstrating that a career on the web is viable and attractive.

“Tesla coil display — a perfect conclusion to #nzgather, thanks @samgtgribben! How do you feel about a mind-controlled coil?”

Dmitry Selitskiy, @DSelitskiy, Thought-Wired