The creative community’s big day out

Gather is the digital, technical, and creative community’s big day out. It’s an event designed to facilitate collaboration and allow people to learn and share their latest designs, works-in-progress, tech toys, and side projects with other like-minded, awesome people.

Come along! You will be fizzing with ideas and inspiration after spending the day among such excellent company.

Gather has all the flavours of your typical unconference, but with a twist, just like every good cocktail.

If you work in the creative space or live on the internet, then you’ll fit in just fine!

“My current reading on the disappointment-meter at not being @nzgather is 10857473474728294572818283574572772845727184852 out of 10.”

Natasha Lampard, @tashmahal, Webstock & Lil Regie